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Exhibitor statements 2018

Hou Haifeng, CEO/Chief Engineer/MBA, Design and Construction, Hanguang Laboratory Equipment | Wesemann International GmbH Lab

“In an era of the rapid development of big data, artificial intelligence and other technologies, analytica China offers a high-tech platform for industry practitioners, engineering companies, design institutes as well as users from different fields. Since the founding of Hanguang, we have not missed a single analytica China. Through this exhibition we have shown our customers new products and technologies. Looking forward to a brighter future of analytica China!”

Dr. Andreas Hochberger, Vice President, Eppendorf AG

“It is really impressive to be here. I just walked around several hours today to see all the different exhibitors, colleagues and competitors. The technology and the commercial capabilities of all the exhibitors are impressive as well as the suppliers who are amazing. We can see a lot of new Chinese companies popping up. It is great to see a lot of progress here in the sector. On the one hand, it´s a call for us to be even better. On the other hand, we feel very good to be part of this community. In general, I think it is a great show, letting us keep close contact with our customers, to understand their needs, to keep up with the trends and to develop better products for them.”

Hu Changliang, General Service Sales Manager, Greater China District, Agilent Technology (China)

“Agilent introduced its world-class service to China a long time ago and we attach great importance to analytica China 2018. Agilent hopes to bring new products and new technologies to the customers through the exhibition. We are really satisfied with the exhibition. A lot of customers came to our booth and made inquiries. The visitor quality at the fair was very good. In addition to enterprises, a large number of laboratory users came to our booth. We brought our first-round products to analytica China. I hope we will continue to participate in analytica China. With this excellent platform, we can share laboratory solutions with more friends!”

Hu Jiaxiang, Director, Marketing Dept., SHIMADZU Enterprise Management (China)

“SHIMADZU has participated in analytica China for many times. We can say Shimadzu is an old friend of analytica China. Everytime, we expercience a lot of positive surprises. Especially this year, we are totally impressed by both the organization of the exhibition, as well as the quantity and quality of the visitors. It is a complete upgrade from the previous one. The theme of the exhibition is very clear and well-targeted. We wish analytica China the best every year!”

Lin Liang, General Sales Manager, AMS (Shanghai) Trade Co., Ltd.

“In my eyes, analytica China is one of the most popular exhibitions in the biochemical instrument industry. All the leading distributors and users will make their presence. AMS entered the Chinese market in 2006 and has not missed a single analytica China since. This year's exhibition is even better than the previous ones in terms of visitor flow and visitor promotion.”

Ph.D Liu Xiao, Senior Manager, Asian-Pacific Marketing Dept., Perkin Elmer (Shanghai)

“At analytica China 2018, Perkin Elmer has brought new products that are exhibited offline for the first time. From our point of view, analytica China is one of the largest exhibitions in China and even in Asia. We know that analytica has a series of exhibitions in many parts of the world. We will participate in analytica, analytica Anacon India, analytica Vietnam, etc. We have witnessed the development of analytica China all the way. It's getting bigger and bigger, the participant quality is always improving, and the manufacturers are attaching more importance to it. analytica China is not only an exhibition, but also an industry gathering. We are honored to be able to introduce our products and new technologies at such an exhibition. We think analytica China is a very good exhibition. Yesterday, in just one day, more than 3,000 professional visitors and customers came to our booth. We will continue to invest more in analytica China. We also hope to grow with analytica China and create a better future together!”

Lin Yifan, Vice President China, WALDNER

“WALDNER has been participating in analytica China since 2012. We also had participated in every analytica in Germany before that. WALDNER is an important exhibitor at analytica. Since analytica had been transplanted to China, we definitely joined in, because it is one of the most important events for the industry. In terms of the exhibition programs and the booth construction, analytica China has made progresses every two years. Previously, we only saw instrument manufacturers at the exhibition and it is hard to find a German furniture manufacturer among the instruments manufacturers. Now that the furniture and instrument manufacturer areas are separated, the visitors can quickly and efficiently find what they want. We also joined in the new Live Lab program this year and gave some lectures on how to design labs. Of course, I am very satisfied with the visitor flow at analytica China. It is also very helpful as we can talk directly to the users and suppliers.”

James Peng, Water Technologies Solutions Director, Veolia

“analytica China is an important event for the laboratory instrument industry. The exhibition is very professional and shows the latest products and technologies from all aspects of the industry. This is our third participation in analytica China. The visitor quality this year is great. Everyday, a large number of visitors come to our exhibition booth, 70% of which are the end users of our laboratory. This is exactly what we want to see. Next year, we will continue to participate in the exhibition.”

Wang Rongrong, Manager, Marketing Dept., R&D Porcelain Plate

“The quality of analytica China 2018 is great, especially in terms of the visitors. We have met many customers with needs for advanced laboratory equipment. We hope to meet more and more high-end customers in the future.”

Visitor statements 2018

Wang Jian, QC Manager, Daiichi-Sankyo Pharmaceutical

“I come from Daiichi-Sankyo Pharmaceutical. This visit to analytica China is mainly to learn about new equipment. I am interested in the analytical instruments exhibited, such as Shimadzu's HPLC, METTLER TOLEDO's balance, refrigerator incubator, temperature and humidity recorder, etc. So far, I have visited analytica China six times. The exhibition is well organized, with a lot of leading exhibitors. It is also very professional.”

Yang Yang, Engineer, Hexi Comprehensive Testing Unit, Nanjing Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Institute

“I am from the National Food Science Center, Nanjing Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Institute. I am mainly engaged in product quality testing of food, gold, building materials and other products. This is my second visit to analytica China and I intended to compare different manufacturers, as well as to see the new technology and applications in the industry. Many exhibitors have brought innovative products that impressed me a lot. The support programs are of very high quality and the VIP speakers are well prepared.”

Zhan Ming, Director, Physicochemistry Unit, Pudong Center for Disease Prevention and Control, Shanghai

“I am from Shanghai Pudong Center for Disease Prevention and Control and responsible for the physicochemistry laboratory. I have visited every analytica China and my purpose this year is to learn more about the latest developments in laboratory construction, laboratory equipment, pretreatment equipment and so on. I am very interested in the equipment brought by several exhibitors. analytica China 2018 is very innovative in the layout, exhibits and support conferences.”

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